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Firebirds Mission is to develop young athletes to get to the next level of play while becoming outstanding young men, on and off the field. Firebirds provide top instruction with their unique program, using development as their core goal. This is attained with a high level coaching staff, which includes their professional viewpoint of baseball, small group emphasis and NO dad coaches.  Firebirds help young athletes prepare and learn valuable baseball and life skills to get them to the next level.

Commitment to Development

Firebird Family

Firebirds singular goal is to develop young athletes. We are the 'go to' training organization for serious athletes.

Our unique program has been built to specifically train baseball players in ways that improve their power, agility and speed. Our training protocols are designed to improve the athlete's hitting and throwing mechanics, first step quickness and flat out speed, along with player's anticipation and reactionary time and skills. All of this development training increases coordination and improves the player's ability to hit, throw, catch, pitch and field. 

Developing a player to work cohesively on a team, with other well trained athletes, will create the athlete that High Schools and Colleges are ultimately looking for. We accomplish this long-term goal by first focusing on each individual athlete. 

Coaching Philosophy

Team Talk

Firebirds provide a unique experience of development based on a professional viewpoint of baseball, training young athletes to get to the next level of play and beyond.

Our Coaching Philosophy consists of three three main points that are thoroughly addressed as the athlete develops:

Power in hitting increases when the player improves their rotational strength and stability. In fact, when developed correctly, the power can be explosive. An example of the need for development in regard to pitching, is that by strengthening the acceleration and deceleration muscles used for every throw, the pitching velocity is increased.

Agility is a huge component of defensive play. Body control is essential. In order to be an efficient player you must have the skill set to shuffle, sprint, reach, change direction and even jump in order to successfully field a ball.

Speed is a key element of baseball since the game itself is made up of intense bursts of speed.

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