About Us

Firebird Player at bat during game

The Firebird Program

Firebirds are an established organization looking for young athletes who are self-motivated and willing to commit to the hard work that is needed in order for them to be able to fulfill their dream to play baseball to the next level.

Our comprehensive program includes, but is not limited to: mechanics, mental toughness, baseball intelligence, strength, power, and speed, to develop a well rounded athlete prepared and ready for all aspects of the game.

Baseball Tournament 14U Champs!

Committed Coaching Staff

Firebirds consist of Former MLB and College Baseball Athletes and Coaches who have the expertise and skill to develop young athletes. 

Our qualified instructors are experienced in all aspects of the game, including specialties in hitting, fielding, pitching, catching and more!

The Firebirds' coaching staff works to develop the individual athlete while building the team that they are a part of. 

Firebirds Player at bat during game with amazing view of sky and mountains

Committed Athletes Wanted

The Firebird Organization is in search of young athletes who will be as committed to development as we are. 

In today's world, working hard isn't enough, that's simply because every young athlete is out there working hard. So the question is, are they developing?

When an athlete takes his sport seriously, then he must be part of a program that continues to develop his ability to their full potential. 

Only athletes who are self-motivated, eager to learn, dedicated, hardworking, committed, teachable, and of good character, need apply.

Practice in Action!

Check out this great baseball video! Shows how we run practices and what we are about